Crappy Photos – Ship in a Bottle

This is the first in my new series of #crappycamerapictures which are, perhaps somewhat obviously, pictures from crappy cameras ( Wanting to jump right into it and see just what these cameras can do and how they compare, I put together a very impromptu light-tent scene with a dollar store ship-in-a-bottle.

For this particular experiment I wasn’t looking to create a fancy still life scene; that will be next. You’ll notice that inside the tent is a light source (which, incidentally, also came from the dollar store). This was simply to be able to provide enough light for the crappiest of crappy cameras (shown above) to be able to take a photo. The guidelines I have provided for myself include the following:

  • No flash photography
  • No zoom
  • No extra lenses
  • No photo editing
  • Standard ‘camera app’ for phones

Just a plain, simple photograph.

And the results!

Crappy Camera 1

This really is a crappy camera. Not only, even with the additional lightsource, does the subject turn out dark, but it’s incredibly out of focus. I was concerned that perhaps I was shaking the camera so I used a small tripod which had no effect at all.

After looking a little more closely at the picture it seemed to me that the red backdrop in the background was more in focus. I moved the camera about 8 inches backward and took another picture with better results.

It appears as if this camera’s focal point is infinite. Landscapes it shall be!

Crappy Camera 2: The Alcatel Pixie Onetouch

This took a much better picture than the first camera. Even with only a 2 megapixel sensor the image is in focus and surprisingly bright; I suspect the camera is doing it’s own colour correction. It’s a pretty decent picture for what I’ve done with it.

Crappy Camera 3: Kodak EasyShare

Another dark picture, like the first camera. I suspect that the sensor on this and the other camera are just really, really old and simply don’t do as well as light-challenged situations. I’ll need to try to correct that for next time to give them a better ‘fighting chance’ to take a knock-out picture. It is, however, in focus.

Crappy Camera 4: The Samsung Note 2

Not so much a crappy camera at all, really. I remember this phone taking decent pictures and it did so again.

It’s pretty obvious to me that, in this setup, the phones are performing more admirably than the cameras themselves. However, one also needs to remember that the phones are also newer pieces of technology: the Kodak EasyShare is at least 16 years old, and the other camera I think was used by Charlemagne.

Next I’m going to do a deep dive with each camera individually to see what I can get it to do.