Victor Wiebe

Seductive Sunday

Apparently the hashtag #seductivesunday is currently trending on Twitter. I do not normally jump into trending hashtags, but this time I felt that I have some actual positive contributions to make. I did not need to search long through my photography archive to find, in my mind, some suitable images.

I’ve always had a difficult time photographing people, and I’m not sure what I would do if I ever had a living model to photograph that wasn’t an animal. I’m much more comfortable “capturing the moment” of a still life or a nature scene than a person.

Thankfully for me, my animals provide no shortage of photographic moments and are usually more than happy to pose for me. Bella, in particular, is very expressive. Look at this innocent, wide eyed face she’s putting on. Let’s see some model mimic this look!

I will admit to Bella being my favourite house animal to photograph. She’s really pretty and usually doesn’t move too quickly. But, I do have the dog, too. Look at this seductive pose she’s got going on. All that’s missing is a sly smile and a wink.

Does this not say “please come hug me”? There’s no reason for #seductivesunday to be ruled by females. My male cat wants to take part, too.

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