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Behold! Skeletor!

In preparation of this weeks My Camera Bag post I had begun to take some indoor, light-tent based, photos. The post will be about three particular lenses that have a “macro” function on them, which really means “near focus,” or “close up.” The pictures I was taking, in particular, were of a small – really small – toy I received for Christmas: a 1 inch tall Skeletor.

Really. Skeletor. 1 inch.

I had taken this picture, in particular:

What I like about this picture is that Skeletor looks like he’s something taller than 1 inch (really, that is what macro photography is all about). But there was something missing, and I couldn’t quite figure out what it was: it was certainly Skeletor, with a dark black background portraying his soul. The focus is all on his badness, yet I wasn’t quite happy. So I played around a little with some different angles and distances and ended up with this…

… and this …

… and neither of them were quite right.

And then it hit me. A fellow photographer had this great post here with what I thought was a fantastic background, and I recalled him mentioning to me how he used a laptop for the background. That’s what I needed! An active background.

A rejiggered set up later gave me this. Neat, but the lighting wasn’t quite right.

I was looking for Skeletor to have already emerged from the shadow’s, not still be enveloped by them. Luckily I use a three light configuration for my lightbox photography, so it was easy to move one of the lights to face the bad-man at a 45 degree angle. Voila! Behold! Skeletor!

And yes, he really is only 1 inch tall. Here is my setup.

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