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Captain Canuck: Issues 8 and 9

Captain Canuck, as a comic, is really beginnign to hit it’s stride with the two issue story in issues 8 and 9. The combination of Comely and Freeman really seems to be working; Comely has time to focus on writing, and Freeman’s interpretation of Canuck as a formidable man is inspiring.

This particular story has a little bit of everything: a journey and adventure in space; heroics; defeating, and then saving the life of, the Bad Guy; and an Indiana Jones style seat-of-your-pants escape from certain doom.

Back on earth we see Tom reunite with his brother and his brother’s wife Saskia to begin building an idyllic ranch, and it’s nice to see a change of pace from the first 7 issues of non-stop espionage and Mr Gold. It’s easy, as a reader, to sometimes forget that the superheroes are, beneath the mask, also people, and have things that they enjoy doing besides being a hero. In Tom Evan’s case (Captain Canuck) he also has a family whom he loves and enjoy’s spending time with.

Tom and Mike have just bought a piece of land on which to build a ranch, and the brothers are now getting together to do some of the grunt work. What’s more is that they’re both enjoying it. It is very nice to see this change of pace.

Alas, not all things good are meant to be, and we see the beginning of a Plot in the hired groundskeeper’s secrets, and a further plot by CISO sending Canuck into space to look into ongoing sabotage.

Of course, in typical story telling fashion, both chapter’s in space and on earth are related, and it’s by sheer dumb luck that Captain Canuck’s re-entry to earth happens to land him near home, where the Bad Guy’s happen to be. And as (bad) luck would have it, it’s also all tied in to the land and the ranch that the Evan’s brothers are building. Very coincidental, but common storytelling tropes of the time.

What I Liked

It was great to see the Evan’s brothers – Tom, as Canuck, and Mike, as Mike – lure the Bad Guys into a trap and begin to whoop some ass.

It was also nice to see Mike’s wife Saskia correctly deduce Canuck’s “secret identity.” Of course, it wasn’t much of a stretch considering he just “happened to show up,” but it was nice to see that a cowl doesn’t always keep a secret.

What I Thought was Subpar

Saskia correctly identified Canuck as Tom, but Art – the Lead Bad Guy – who had already met Tom as Tom, could not. Seems a little strange but, you know… cowl.

In previous stories Tom had mentioned that Mike was wheelchair bound after an injury sustained while an RCMP officer. Now, however, he’s up and mobile, albeit with the use of a walking stick. I just wish it wasn’t brushed off in one panel as a mystery.

So a mystery it will continue to be, though I suppose, at least, Comely didn’t insult us with technobabble nonsense.

My Rating

I liked the pace of the story. Two issues was perfect for it and it was great to see Canuck facing a more “down to earth” enemy, so to speak. I’m giving these issues 4 maple leaf’s out of 5.

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