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Captain Canuck #10: A Review

Captain Canuck #10 is a single-shot story before the Summer Special and the grand 4-issue arc later to come. It provides a light breather while still full of action and suspense.

If, judging by the cover, you were to think that Captain Canuck is moved to do battle with a clown while defending a woman dressed like a fairy, you’re not far off.

The issue starts with Canuck discussing the importance of the upcoming mission and the fact that a regular CISO unit would be too conspicuous for what he must do. Instead, the good Captain opts to don a raincoat and fedora over his bright white-and-red spandex because, frankly, that isn’t conspicuous at all.

And it only takes a Winnipeg cabbie a few moment to recognise the good Captain for who he is.

The rest of this particular issue is full of non-stop action. Tom Evans, as Captain Canuck, gets to finally really show off his RCMP background; he rescues two “innocents,” including Fred the Cabbie and Leona the Damsel-in-Distress, sets up ruses to lead the assailants on while putting them out of commission, and correct deducing who the assailants are, who they are working for, and what they are after.

All in all, this was a really fun issue. It was not bogged down in any unnecessary back story or side story, no excess melodrama, and a fun, if not entirely unexpected, twist at the end. And in good Captain Canuck tradition, Canuck himself continues to need the assistance of Fred the Cabbie to finally nab the baddie and bring the issue to a close.

One of the features I have often enjoyed about these early Captain Canuck stories is that he is often unable to “win the day” on his own, but instead relies upon the help of others. He inspires in people an aspiration to be the best they can be and, even though that is never officially listed as one of his “super powers,” it is something that generally seems to happen.

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