Farmers Market Sunday

Inspired by @plantstoplanks market trips, I took a trip to not one, but two (yes, two!) local farmer’s markets today. Despite the fact that it was 1,000, maybe even 2,000, degrees outside today (possibly more) I ventured out of the safe confines of my air-conditioned house and into the wall of humidity we call “outside.”

My first stop was the Newark Farmers Market which, ironically, is not within the city limits of Newark.

In all honesty, I was really disappointed. I’d never been here before and it was much less a farmer’s market than it was a discount grocery for nearly-expired or past-expired goods. There was, however, a really fun looking tractor in the front.

It was at this point I remembered a pop-up farmer’s market that actually does reside within the city limits and off I hurried. Within a few moments I arrived at a simply named “Farmer’s Market” in the Newark Shopping Centre.

This was much more what I was looking for: actual farm’s displaying their goods for purchase, much like one might find in a Revolutionary-era common green. I wasn’t disappointed.

I didn’t walk through taking pictures of all the booths, but I certainly did walk through the entire thing. Three times. In the skin-boiling heat. But I found some goodies!

Watermelon! Watermelon is my go-to-food-of-choice in the summer. It serves all purposes. I like to cube it and snack on it throughout the day (one of the unfortunate side-effects of working from home is that snacking becomes too easy). I also like to snack on the cubes after my lunch time bike ride (one of the fortunate perks of working from home is bike riding at lunch). And then I might just snack on it because it’s tasty, low in calories, tasty, has plenty of water in it, and is tasty. Mmmmm.

Watermelon cubes work well as a garnish for a glass of wine, too.

Other goodies!

More peaches.

And tomatoes, because my tomato vine’s are still growing only green tomatoes.

Corn! It was looking tasty. I hope it’s sweet.

Blueberries! For breakfasts. They go well in pancakes and waffles and so many other things.

And some ugly carrots. I specifically asked for the ugly ones. They’ll be just as tasty.

In hindsight I should have gotten enough others to make a gazpacho soup, because I good, cold soup would have been perfect for a day like today when I think the tires on the car may have melted away.

I’m definitely going back next weekend, but I’ll do it the right way and ride my bike. It’s barely two miles away and there’s no sense driving that at all.