Character Sheet

Name: Victor Wiebe
Class: Jack of All Trades/Master Generalist/Idea Generator


  • Human male, very average for one of his face: keen sense of humor (very dry according to his family) he nonetheless always keeps his head up, hopes high, and tries - often in vain - to keep his dignity in tact.
  • Interested in a wide variety of topics, such as photography, designing tabletop and digital games, and working with wood.
  • Known to carve and craft hand made gifts instead of purchasing commercial goods.
  • Usually has many different projects in various states of completion at any one time, such as retro-fitting antique camera with modern electronics (like a raspberry pi and accessories) and any number of games in the design process.
  • Gets bored easily. Quick to learn new things. Has a lot - a lot - of ideas. Some good. Some even better. Some very, very awful.
  • Heavily invested in Information Technology; it has been his livelihood for quite a number of years.
  • Smarter than your average bear.

Problem Solving

Problem solving is both an art and a learned skill that takes years to master. At it's simplest it is the ability to identify a hindrance to a goal and finding a way to either remove the hindrance, work around it, or work with it. At it's most complex, problem solving is needing to build a puzzle without having all the puzzle pieces or not having them shaped correctly.

Critical thinking, experience, and the ability to see similarities and "intersections" between seemingly unrelated items are key components of problem solving. The more you do, the more you learn, the more you can react to unexpected issues and solve the problems they may have.
Idea Generation

Very similar to problem solving, generating new ideas is an art form that can be learned by doing, by experience, and by the ability to see connections amongst different genre's of items. Very often the need to generate ideas is a strong component of solving problems: thermal cooling was an idea generated by the need to cool buildings in hot, dry regions of the world with a minimal consumption of energy. Not my idea, perhaps obviously, but building ideas through the intersection of knowledge areas has helped me build a large enough list of fun projects to do that it would consume my day full time.
Story Telling

On the surface, "story telling" is a verbal communication used to .. well .. to tell stories. Beneath the surface, however, story telling is the basis for about everything we do. Culture is the sum of all the stories a group of people have devised over the course of their existence. Artwork, such as paintings or photography, is a story compressed into a single frame, full of story, back story, and emotion.

Even from a project based perspective, projects can be broken down into stories: who are the primary protagonists, what is the goal they are attempting to achieve, and who/what are the antagonists keeping them from reaching that goal? Many of my most successful projects are built around storytelling, as are most of my most enjoyable pieces of art.
Information Technology