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Creative Solutioneering

An innovative methodology that blends imaginative thinking and strategic problem-solving to develop sustainable solutions to complex challenges.

Creative Solutioneering

What I Do

I offer creative services with “out of the box” ideas and solutions. My passions are in combining cutting edge technology with traditional ideas and processes, particularly when the solutions and ideas involve every day materials, or can be obtained using resources already at hand.


My client, a digital photographer, wanted to experiment with film photography and begin developing his own film at home. The issue was that he does not have a dark room, nor did not want to buy heavy chemicals.

Our solution was to research film developing techniques that did not require a dark room and to find methods of developing film without chemical developers. We found light proof "photography bags" with which he could put the film into a similarly light proof developing cannister, and also finalized a "caffenol" film developing solution comprised from instant coffee! He is now developing his own black and white film using instant coffee, vitamin c, and a laundry additive. I have also designed for him an automated "agitation device" to automatically roll the film cannister during development using a custom built lego contraption powered by a Lego NXT-powered motor!

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Everyone is creative; you just don’t know it yet.

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